About the preppy debutante
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Rikki Ragland is President & CEO of 
the preppy debutante.

Now an independent consultant for
Initial Outfitters, the preppy debutante 
specializes in personalized items, including 
jewelry, handbags, soap, embroidered towels,
baby items and home decor.

Rikki is a Washington, D.C., debutante, who 
was born at Walter Reed Army  Medical Center.
She spent her formative years living in the
 Delta Colonial House, which was once a 
sorority house at the National Park Seminary 
finishing school for girls before it closed during 
World War II. Her family later moved to the 
planned community of Columbia, Maryland. 
Rikki now spends her time among residences
in Illinois, Texas & Maryland. 

After working in Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s office on Capitol Hill and as a spokeswoman for the American Red Cross, Rikki spent several years as a news anchor & reporter at various TV stations across the country, including reporting nationally for The Weather Channel. She anchored a technology news segment entitled, “Online with Rikki Ragland” for NBC 5 in Dallas, Texas, and was the only north Texas television reporter named by the Dallas Business Journal as one of  "40 Under Forty" hottest rising stars to watch. 

She left the news desk to pursue modeling & acting, signing with FORD Models & Shirley Hamilton.  She began modeling for numerous advertisements, including McDonald's, Apartments.com, Owens Corning and Volkswagen. Rikki also appeared in television and radio commercials. Following her modeling career, she worked in corporate communications as the public relations director at a healthcare system, consisting of four hospitals and a research institute. There she wrote marketing plans for various clinical areas and provided extensive media training for executives and physicians. 

                              As a breast cancer survivor,  Rikki hosted                       
                              several videos for breast cancer prevention and   
                              survivorship, including a video for her Phi Mu  
                              Fraternity Foundation called  “Scarves”  for 
                              cancer survivors. Her October 9, 2008, blog  
                              entry features Rikki’s magazine cover story 
                              about her breast cancer experience. 

                              She was a finalist for Glamour and Cover  
                              Girl's Outstanding Women; 1991 Outstanding 
                              Woman of the Year at her university; an 
                              Outstanding Young Woman of America; an 
                              Outstanding Young Woman in Business; a 
                              Who’s Who in Healthcare and received a  
                              Debutante award for outstanding leadership & 
                              community service.

                              In 2009, she and her sister, LeAnita, were                 
                              voted among the “Best Dressed” on the North  
                              Shore in Sheridan Road Magazine. 

                              Rikki is a Sustaining board member of the Junior League,
                             the Winnetka & Evanston Women’s Clubs and 
                             Phi Mu Fraternity. She was one of Phi Mu’s national 
                              convention speakers and their Aglaia magazine      
                              cover girl.

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